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The city of Hudson in Summit County is recognized as the jewel of Northeast Ohio, and with good reason. Hudson has everything, from nationally recognized schools to a robust local economy. Add a wide variety of community amenities, along with local entertainment, shopping, and dining, and what you get is a city that you’ll want to live.

Hudson was first settled during the last years of the 18th century by David Hudson, for whom the city was named after. Hudson, who was a shareholder in the Connecticut Western Reserve, came all the way from Goshen, Connecticut with a party of surveyors to examine the land that would eventually become Hudston Township. On May 28, 1800, he came back with his family and lived in the area until he died in 1836.

Hudson’s original home (built in 1806) still survives to this day. Located on 318 Main Street, it is considered the oldest standing structure not only in Hudson, but in Summit County.

In 1994, the Hudson Village and the Hudson Township were merged into the city we know today. At the heart of the community is a lively downtown district, often the location of most of Hudson’s annual events.

Public schools in Hudson, Ohio

Hudson is served by the Hudson City Schools, one of the top-ranking districts in the state of Ohio. It recently received an “A” grade on the State Report Card.

Public schools in Hudson include:

Hudson High School holds the distinction for being one of the winners of the 2008 National Blue Ribbon Award.

Hudson, Ohio Homes for Sale − Hudson Real Estate

Hudson real estate presents many investment opportunities for different kinds of home buyers. Housing options currently available in the market include single-family homes, townhomes, apartments, and condos. You might also find historic residences in different parts of the Hudson if you explore Hudson real estate with a local expert.

There are also plans that will increase Hudson’s housing supply, particularly in the downtown area. Aside from more commercial and retail establishments, the Downtown Phase II project add mixed-use developments in the city. Read more about Downtown Phase II here.

Areas of Interest

  • Ellsworth Meadows Golf Club – Rated as one of the best public golf courses in the state, the Ellsworth Meadows Golf Club is home to an 18-hole, par-71 golf course that offers plenty of thrills for players of all skill levels. The challenging golf course also features added obstacles, including various bunkers and water features.

    The Ellsworth Meadows Golf Club is open all year round. There’s a golf pro shop in the facility, as well as other amenities.

  • Hudson City Parks – Hudson’s village greens are some of its top attractions and a main feature of the city’s parks and recreation. Parks in Hudson include Hudson Springs Park, Middleton Park, Veterans Way Park, and Barlow Farm Park.

    Hudson also has a network of hiking trails winding throughout the city. These include Nicholson Trail and Turnpike Trail.

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It’s undeniable− Hudson ranks as one of the best places to live in Northeast Ohio. Get in touch with me today at michellemcquade(at)howardhanna(dotted)com or 440.823.2448 to explore your housing options in the city.

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