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Take a Stroll in the Five Most Walkable Neighborhoods in Cleveland

Downtown Bedford

Over the past several years, the city of Cleveland and its surrounding neighborhoods have slowly transitioned into a more pedestrian-friendly environment, making it easier to go from place to place even without a car.

Yet even with a reliable public transit system, owning a car is still a necessity due to the weather as well as the location of most of Cleveland’s top employers. With increasing efforts to make the city more walkable and bicycle friendly however, it’s now possible to get to everything you need, including groceries, restaurants, entertainment venues and more even without hopping into a car or taking the Rapid.

In this article, we’ll take a look at five of Cleveland’s most walkable neighborhoods:

Chagrin Falls

The Village of Chagrin Falls

At 2.1 square miles, the Village of Chagrin Falls is not only highly walkable, it’s also very picturesque and architecturally intriguing as well. The village council is committed to creating a pedestrian and cyclist-friendly environment where you can enjoy your morning espresso, check out art galleries and independent bookstores, and then pick up a few grocery items before heading back home – all in a comfy pair of walking shoes.

Real estate options in the Village of Chagrin Falls include townhomes, condos, estate properties, and a wide variety of single-family homes in elegant architectural styles like Colonial Revival, Italianate, Victorian, Cape Cod, and more.

Downtown Cleveland

It’s very easy to get around Downtown Cleveland on foot. And with the addition of new bike lanes and highly visible signage for motorists, getting from one place to another on a bike is a fun experience as well. Bars, restaurants, and other venues within the area are also situated close to each other, so it’s real easy to go from place to place.

Downtown Cleveland’s apartment market is currently booming, with new buildings constructed or renovated every month.

Detroit Shoreway

Detroit Shoreway is one of Cleveland’s up-and-coming neighborhoods, and one of its most walkable communities. You can find a delightful collection of shops, boutiques, live music venues, bars, restaurants, and more all within close proximity, making it easy to hop from one place to another.

Detroit Shoreway’s surging popularity means there’s also an increasing number of new apartments, high-rise condos, and other property types available on the market.

Ohio City

Home to some of the top-rated breweries throughout Cleveland, Ohio City offers a dazzling assortment of local shops, cafés, restaurants, and bars, all within reach. Sustainable living is one of the neighborhood’s top priorities, so almost every resident owns a bike. Getting around on a bike or on foot is a pleasant experience, as you can get to most destinations within a short 15-minute walk.

Ohio City has a great selection of elegant historical homes, most of which have been divided and renovated into spacious apartments. Smaller apartment buildings are also available for those searching for more real estate options.

Coventry Village

Coventry Village is a vibrant artistic community with a lively music scene and a charming collection of local boutiques and attractions. Walking around this lovely neighborhood is a treat and the neighborhood strictly enforces bike laws, which makes it very pedestrian and biker friendly.

Homes in Coventry consist mostly of apartment buildings which are renovated historical buildings along side streets and right above shops and restaurants.

University Circle

Home to Case Western University, University Circle is a very pedestrian friendly neighborhood, where everything is just a quick 10-minute walk away from any point. Getting around on a bike is also safe and enjoyable, and locals also make use of the free CircleLink shuttles to move around conveniently.

A wide variety of real estate options are available in University Circle, including condos, duplexes, and high-rise and small apartment buildings.

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