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Six red flags to look for when choosing a real estate agent

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A real estate agent could make or break your transaction, whether you’re buying or selling a home. This is why finding the right expert is crucial. Whether you’re looking for an agent or have already worked with one, you should stay vigilant and take note of these six red flags that indicate you may want to consider working with a different agent.

Remember that your real estate objectives are important. Your agent should know if you want to sell your house at a specific price, buy in a particular neighborhood, or purchase investment properties. If your agent doesn’t ask for this vital information from you, they may not be able to tailor their services according to your specific needs and goals, which could potentially lead to disappointment.

  • The agent is not well-versed in the neighborhood

    An experienced, savvy real estate agent knows your target neighborhood well enough to help you make an informed decision regarding your buying or selling transaction. If they don’t understand local market trends, prices, and amenities and can’t offer insights into the area’s advantages and drawbacks during the buying or selling process, that should send your inner warning alarm beeping. Furthermore, real estate relies heavily on connections. Without extensive knowledge of the locale, an agent might not have the professional network needed to successfully close deals.

  • The agent only works part-time in real estate

    The best person for the job is completely passionate about the market. As a buyer, you need an agent who could quickly show you new listings and provide insights into market trends. If you’re selling, this agent should always be available to showcase your home to potential buyers and answer their inquiries promptly. A part-time agent may not be able to meet these essential criteria, potentially compromising your home-buying or selling experience.

  • The agent lacks leadership and initiative

    Your real estate agent must take responsibility for your goals. If they don’t, it’s a huge red flag. Proactive agents go above and beyond to provide you, as a buyer, with the ideal housing options based on your budget, preferences, and desired locations. For sellers, a skilled agent promotes your home with innovative marketing strategies, saving you the headache of doing it yourself.

  • The agent is difficult to contact or has poor communication skills

    Your agent isn’t required to check in daily. However, if you rarely discuss your financial and personal situation with them, you may miss out on valuable information and excellent real estate deals. Regular communication ensures that your agent understands your needs, securing the best opportunities for you.

  • The agent refuses to provide client references

    An agent with a great reputation has satisfied clients who speak highly of their services. Often, family and friends will recommend them. If they fail to provide client references, it’s a warning. It suggests past clients might have negative feedback to share.

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