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Fall 2023 Decorating Trends

Comfortable bedroom in bohemian interior style

While nature works its magic outdoors, it’s up to you to enhance your interiors by creating a cozy yet stylish look that perfectly matches the fall season. This time of year is all about bringing more comfort and warmth to your home, which makes home decorating an especially enjoyable activity!

Here, we’ll give you a closer look at some of the latest fall interior design trends to help you change your décor to match the season.

Comfortable bedroom in bohemian interior style


Warm and earthy shades have made a comeback this year, and you can expect this trend to become even more popular this fall.

Rich, warm shades like oatmeal, terracotta, camel, sand, mushroom, and similar neutrals work seamlessly with almost any color palette, which makes it easy to incorporate them into any space. This year, it’s all about soft, muted tones, which makes earth tones like shades of beige, brown, and greens a fantastic choice, especially with the increasing popularity of modern organic design trends. Consider using these shades on your furniture, walls, and accessories to create an organic and natural look.


Incorporating distressed finishes and dark wood textures effectively evokes an autumnal mood for your interiors.

The shift to cooler months is an ideal time to create a laid-back and restorative environment for your home, which darker woods and vintage pieces with distressed finishes can easily accomplish.


Metal accents are a great way to create a layered look and add a touch of elegance that matches the season.

If you need to add a burst of color to a room, a copper planter or vase is a terrific idea. If you want to add more warmth, brass is a classic metal that can do just that, while also adding a modern look. Black metal is an excellent choice if you’re going for a modern industrial look.


A fun trend that has made waves this year is sustainable décor. Shopping for vintage and secondhand pieces is a great way to reduce waste since you’ll be keeping them out of landfills!

Drop by your local thrift shop or antique store to look for pieces that can perfectly complement your home’s fall-inspired look. They’re often great resources if you’re looking for interesting pieces to complete your home’s look and create a more curated feel for your interiors.

Metal buckets and vintage baskets for filling with pinecones or displaying dried flowers are the perfect addition to any living room or kitchen!


No matter what time of year, texture is always a key element in home décor.

With fall being the season of dry leaves, gourds, and corn husks, it’s the perfect time to make use of texture liberally for your interiors. Consider using contrasting textures like rough and smooth, fine and leathery, and soft and hard. Incorporate furnishings made with burlap or rattan to add a pop of texture.

Textured wall treatments are an obvious choice, so if you want to mix it up a little, incorporate texture by using decorative throw blankets, throw pillows, and textiles with leather or heavy linen.

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