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Dog days: Pet-friendly beaches in and around Cleveland

beautiful dog of dachshund

Humans benefit greatly from trips to the beach, but so do dogs. Aside from all the extra space to run around in, dogs (particularly those who know and love to swim) can also improve their overall health and well-being. If you are the type of dog owner who loves to bring their pooch just about anywhere, this is an additional reason for you to take your beloved four-legged friend to any of the following pet-friendly beaches in and around Cleveland.

beautiful dog of dachshund

Edgewater Beach

If you want to make it to the beach without going on a long trip, Edgewater Beach is the perfect escape. Located close to Downtown Cleveland, it’s easily accessible even if you are coming from Chagrin Falls.

Edgewater Beach is part of the larger Edgewater Park, right along the Lake Erie coastline. The beach spans about 2,400 feet, offering plenty of space to lay out to get that perfect tan or play volleyball. The westernmost part of the beach is especially dog-friendly— your pet can meet other dogs and play in the area freely. As for humans, you can go kayaking and swimming. Lake Erie is also known to be a great spot to fish some steelhead, smallmouth bass, and perch.

At the Edgewater Beach House, you can freshen up, have a drink at the full-service bar, and perhaps watch some live music entertainment. Do bring a leash with you and other essentials to keep your dog comfortable and safe.

Euclid Beach Park

It has been 53 years since the Euclid Beach Amusement Park closed down, but the area remains a local favorite, particularly among sun worshippers and pet owners. The stretch of beach here has pockets of shade, perfect for relaxing picnics with friends, four-legged or otherwise.

You can dust off the sand by taking a walk around the area. Not far from the street is an observation pier that looks out across Lake Erie. There is also a pavilion which you can rent if you are planning on hosting an event or gathering by the water. Traces of the Euclid Beach Amusement Park, which include what used to be a beach fountain, can be found throughout the area, adding some points of interest.

Compared to Edgewater Beach however, Euclid Beach Park is a little on the smaller side. The beach is only 650 feet wide. It can get crowded, but Euclid Beach Park can also be wonderfully quiet and calm.

Columbia Park

While not exactly a beach, Columbia Park is a great option if you are looking for a peaceful, waterfront spot to hang out with your dog (the park requires dogs to be leashed).

Columbia Park is located in Bay Village, about 14 miles from Downtown Cleveland. There is a paved trail you and your dog can take that leads down to a rocky beach. You can also join the Lake Erie Water Trail from here.

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