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Best Neighborhoods to Live in Shaker Heights, OH

Planning to put down roots in Cuyahoga County? Start your home search in these Shaker Heights neighborhoods:

Best Neighborhoods to Live in Shaker Heights, OH (1)

Stunning Georgian brick home on Marchmont Road, Shaker Heights, OH


Located in the northwest corner of Shaker Heights, Boulevard offers residents easy access to the hospitals, cultural attractions, and other amenities in the University Circle. With places like The Nature Center, Shaker Square, and the Larchmere Commercial District within or right beside it, this neighborhood is perfect for families who want to stay active and involved in the community.

What to expect: Single-family homes, duplexes, and condos and apartments. Tudor and Dutch Colonial-style homes are also common.


A haven for outdoor enthusiasts, Malvern is best known for its serene, tree-lined streets and winding nature paths. It sits between the neighborhoods of Boulevard and Mercer, and is home to the Hanna Perkins Center and Horseshoe Lake Park. Restaurants and boutiques at Fairmount Circle and the Van Aken District are also nearby.

What to expect: Expansive acreage and single-family homes with Georgian Revival or Tudor Revival architecture.

An exquisite 7-bedroom

An exquisite 7-bedroom Georgian Manor on Park Blvd., Shaker Heights, OH


From stately Colonial style homes dating back to the 1940s to contemporary Craftsman houses, Mercer is a harmonious blend of old and new. It is the largest neighborhood in Shaker Heights and home to three schools: Shaker Heights Middle School, University School, and Laurel School. Mercer also offers easy access to the Van Aken District, District South in Sussex, and Fairmount Circle.

What to expect: French Country and Colonial-style single-family homes.


Taking up the western areas of Shaker Heights, Ludlow and Onaway are neighborhoods that offer a step back in time. Ludlow is the smallest yet most historically significant area in the city, home to Shaker Heights’ first Community Association. Onaway has a myriad of historic schools, public buildings, and homes.

What to expect: Colonial, Georgian, and French Country-style homes built in the 1920s and 1930s, nestled among park-like environs.

An English Tudor home straight out of a fairytale

An English Tudor home straight out of a fairytale, on Sherbrooke Road, Shaker Heights, OH


Moreland is home to the main Shaker Heights Public Library, the Shaker Towne Center, and the Chagrin-Lee Commercial District. Its proximity to the Stephanie Tubbs Jones Community Building and the Blue Line RTA stops makes it a great place for young professionals and their families.

What to expect: Mid-size single-family homes in the Bungalow or Cleveland Double style.


Sussex is known for its active and family-focused community. There’s a constant array of ongoing activities, from the annual Ice Cream Social to the weekly maintenance of the community garden. Residents have easy access to the RTA Blue Line stops, the Van Aken District, Thornton Park, and the Tower East post office.

What to expect: A wide range of housing options, from traditional single family homes with a Colonial or English Tudor style to brand new condominium developments and apartments.

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